Vividh Wires

Mr. Ashwini
Greater Noida
8,000 sq.ft.

Vividh Wires’ 8000 sq.ft. factory administration block features distinct left and right wings. The right wing, exclusively for directors, includes a premium waiting area and conference room. The left side, designed with a bright color palette of grey and yellow, houses the administration block for managers and the workforce. Notably, an arch-shaped partition in the administration area serves as a visual barrier, complemented by beautiful veneer paneling doubling as both a partition and work desks.

On the right side, cabins showcase a sophisticated combination of dark teak and grey, creating a deep contrast. Conference spaces are illuminated with a blend of light and cream beiges alongside grey accents. The director’s reception area is uniquely asymmetrical, featuring an on-site-created asymmetric carpet pattern. To enhance the overall appeal, the property boasts a double-height reception for a touch of luxury.