Looks Golden I

Mr. Garg
Retail Interiors
3000 sq.ft.

‘Golden I’ is a beautiful property created with a vintage vibe, we wanted to make it look glamorous at the same time very rooted.

The best part of this property is double height space, we have got a clear 22 ft space, so we have divided this section into mezzanine floor has private area for men, their cutting space and their massage room and in the ground floor we have a beautiful reception inviting area and double height haircutting space for women and their treatment room, the pedicure session and a beautiful makeup area.

The tones are in beautiful brick color, white color, golden and deep green.

These days there has been a trend of busy flooring just to accentuate the central space which is the reception area, hence the reception had busy flooring to tone it down we complemented it with sober color, white color palette reflective surfaces.

Client was keen to make it look flamboyant, opulent hence we have taken golden trims, golden influences so the green color chair has golden base, golden handle, the makeup room has beautiful makeup lights with Moroccan tiles and beautiful green moss color chairs and golden accent