Lotus Panache

Residential Interiors

Lotus Panache is a retreat envisioned by a globetrotter who desired a personal haven in India instead of opting for hotel accommodations during visits. The design ethos prioritizes functionality, coziness, and warmth, with a deliberate focus on low maintenance. A muted color palette and simple decor create a welcoming ambiance, while darker-toned sofa fabrics and bedroom upholsteries ensure durability amid the owner’s frequent travels. Completed in a swift four-month timeframe, the house comprises a bedroom, a parent’s room, a girl’s room, and a living dining space, all thoughtfully designed to maximize utility without compromising aesthetics. Despite its compact size, the kitchen is efficiently laid out for practical use. This approach reflects a unique perspective, emphasizing functionality, aesthetics, and resilience, allowing the owner to unwind and recharge during brief stays before jetting off again.