Krishna Rasayan

Krishna Rasayan
New Delhi
Corporate Interiors
4,000 sq.ft.

Krishi Rasayan’s new office is a 4,000 sq ft space amidst a busy neighbourhood of Nehru Place, Delhi. The design of this office space is based on the principles of Vastu and colour theory to maximise and foster positive energies in a space. It also emphasizes Krishi Rasayn’s commitment to revolutionising India’s agricultural sector. There is a lot of emphasis on integrating the brand identity within the office space through the use of the brand’s signature colours – red, yellow and green which are strategically used as highlights against a backdrop of dark grays and earthy tones, creating an environment that exudes vibrancy and professionalism. This meticulously planned office space goes beyond aesthetics; the director’s floor is a tenth-floor space in a noisy neighbourhood, and the design of the façade caters to this aspect by incorporating double-glazed and triple-glazed insulated units after careful evaluation of the permissive decibel values for an enhanced work environment.