Mrs. and Mr. Chaudhary
Residential Interiors
3,200 sq.ft.

In transforming the existing old building structure into a contemporary haven, our clients, recently returned from Europe, sought a new design for their residence in Indirapuram GC Grand. Despite the vast 3200 sq ft area that could accommodate more, they opted for a thoughtfully designed 3BHK space, reflecting their preference for minimalism and an uber cool atmosphere. The color palette, dominated by shades of grey, light pastel blue, and white oak teak, contributes to a light, airy, and spacious ambiance. Unique solutions were implemented, such as corian material for CP fittings to address concerns about SS durability, and the incorporation of Italian furniture brands like fama living and bo concept. The interior design also includes customizations like a retractable study table and specialized fittings sourced from Aligarh. Strategic use of Oorja Lights and unconventional choices like matte lacquered glass on TV paneling add a touch of sophistication. The design also considers Vastu principles, incorporating monochromes tone in specific areas, and features slim customized planters in the balcony aligned parallel to the railing for a harmonious outdoor space. The overall result is a beautifully executed, functional, and aesthetically pleasing living environment.