Loki Cafe

1,800 sq.ft.

A young couple from Calcutta recently relocated to Ghaziabad with a unique vision. The wife, an adept baker, aspired to establish a café specifically designed for a youthful clientele. Their menu features an array of exceptional hand-cooked and hand-baked delicacies, including cookies and cupcakes.

To set their establishment apart, the couple opted for an uber-cool vibe, steering clear of the commonly used plush pink, greys, or yellows associated with younger-focused venues. Instead, they embraced a vibrant bright green color scheme and complemented it with captivating busy flooring. This bold choice not only adds a distinctive touch but also contributes to a lively and energetic atmosphere.

One standout feature of the café is a designated corner designed for capturing the perfect selfie. This addition not only aligns with current social media trends but also enhances the overall experience for their customers. The thoughtful combination of delectable treats, a dynamic ambiance, and a designated selfie corner makes their café a compelling and memorable destination for the young crowd in Ghaziabad.