Jamoon Resort

Mr. Amit
Jim Corbett
17 acres

Jamoon is a nature-inspired resort accessible by road, covering a 1000 sq ft land patch. The design concept focuses on seamlessly blending with the natural surroundings. The exterior features an earthy combination of glass, brick, and wood finishes, providing a harmonious connection with nature. Internally, unconventional elements like wardrobes with blinds and curtains and open-to-sky bathrooms with pebble stone and basalt stone contribute to the instinctive feel.

For the bedrooms, logs are creatively used as flooring, and an asymmetric wooden log serves as a distinctive bed back. The resort’s small ‘chajja’ or veranda offers a space to connect with nature, enhancing the overall experience. Located in Jim Corbett, the resort is positioned 500 to 700 meters away from the road, emphasizing its immersion in the jungle. Accessible only by foot, the design ensures an authentic and immersive natural retreat for guests.