Goyal Book Store (Dubai)

Mr. Goyal
Retail Interiors
2,200 sq.ft.

Goyal Book store is a very famous name in retails book store market. They offer school books, other books, stationary in retail store Pan India. This store is in Dubai Mall with intent to make it more inviting theme was made bright, interactive and interesting. Height of 22 feet was the best attribute to this property. To keep surplus inventory was the basic need for this store. We made the best utilization of the height. As the client based is also the young energetic school going coming to buy school uniforms, we made bright interesting dressing rooms. A 19 feet tall ladder which could slide along the wall to access the storage above 8 feet height. The low height storages in the center made more visibility and also made a circulation track. The Retail visualizing windows are kept minimalist so that the attention is drawn towards the inviting interiors of the showroom.