Refresh your interiors with Greenery Objects!

Isn’t the Summer season beautiful? It brings everything to life. There is sunshine, light, brightness all around and all we need is some cool and breezy place to enjoy this freshness.

resaiki lotus panache featured

The trick is to go green. After all, in the contemporary era, it is the symbol of promoting the global environment protection. The colour green embodies nature, calmness, serenity and gives a mesmerizing aura towards our immediate surroundings. We can always redecorate our homes and office spaces. All we need is some clever green interiors and decorative objects that will enhance the place and give it a fresh look. Briefly, we can start with our basic interiors.

Curtains – There are ample varieties of fabric available in the market. For summers, mostly light and silky fabrics are used. One can hang few beautifully printed or solid green colour curtains to give the area a natural and breezy outlook.

Decorative items – These may include green recyclable candles that are available in beeswax and soy wax. These are absolutely natural and does not contain any types of harmful elements. Then there is beautiful glassware made from recycled glass as another alternative. One can simply decorate the corners with a beautiful standing green lamp. Wallpapers portraying hills, green pastures, etc., are other alternatives to give life to your space. Then there are floor mats, rugs, table clothes and many other such items that can add freshness to the place with its green spark.



Fresh Decor – This includes fresh flowers, orchids, twines and so on. A photograph over the shelf can be adorned with a twine to give the green effect, or a stretch of some green leaves can be hanged around a wall mirror. One can definitely use fresh green plants to adorn the corner shelves or floors around the house. Miniatures are beautiful as well. Fake green plants can also give the similar effect. Basically, these are just a handful of options to remodel your beautiful abode and embrace the power of greenery around you. You will feel blissful and happy all the time within such lush surroundings.