Understanding the anthropology of Lighting

Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of interior and exterior design. Not only does it sets the mood and theme of the entire space. Not only does it set the tone of the space, but it also makes a room look bigger and brighter. It changes the whole experience of an environment and enhances it’s beauty complementing the decor. The anthropology of lighting reflects the social role of luminosity, how light as a factor connects a relationship between material culture and itself. It talks about light as a social binder that reflects the social and cultural atmosphere of the respective landscape and affects the aura and the people present in that aura. It holds the capacity to brighten up the spaces and lift the mood.
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Lumens and Watts

The term Lumens definition is: “a unit of luminous flux in the International System of Units, that is equal to the amount of light given out through a solid angle by a source of one candela intensity radiating equally in all directions,” which in simple meaning means brightness. The term Watt is defined as “the SI unit of power, equivalent to one joule per second, corresponding to the rate of consumption of energy in an electric circuit where the potential difference is one volt and the current one ampere” which in simple terms is responsible for lighting the bulb.

The greater the count of the lumen, the brighter is the light in the room. Whereas when the value of the watt is greater, the more energy it requires to light up space. The importance of lumens and watts in lighting cannot be stressed more. Nowadays, lighting designers have become environmentally conscious and are striving to bring about a change by using the least power of watts and lumen counts and producing effective lighting in the respective spaces. In other words, designers of the present generation have become energy efficient and are trying their best to provide the best results while using less energy.

Who are lighting designers

A professional lighting designer is an individual who performs manifold roles of architecture lighting and interior lighting. A lighting designer is a person who has a sound idea about various artistic aspects of light and its principles. He is an ingenious individual who has mastered the four principle properties of lighting and that is distribution, colour, movement and intensity. This mastery helps him enhance visibility, alleviate the effects of harsh elements and intensify the desirable components as per the need of a given space. He has the skills to amplify the aesthetics of the space and it is their job to bring out the best of any given space.

What does a Lighting Designer do?

As a lighting designer, their primary function is to draw a layout of a particular lighting concept that is not only appealing and functional but is also in line with the health and well-being of the respective occupants and users. Besides this, it is also their responsibility to come up with ways in which the concept or theme can be effectively executed within the given budget. One of the major factors that the lighting designers look after is that their design must create a soothing and comfortable environment for the occupants and users of the space. The lighting concept of a given space is usually developed depending on the functions it is expected to perform and the needs of the intended occupants. The quintessential duties of a lighting designer involve the following.

  • Drawing layouts and executing lighting designs from scratch. This may involve both, lighting designs for newly constructed buildings and rooms or refurbishing old spaces.
  • Constructing elaborate drawings and designs, preparing plans and schedules with the help of BIM, CAD, visualization software and specialist modeling.
  • Collaborating with the team members of the project.
  • Collaborating with the customer, stakeholders and the like to discuss and present different kinds of mockups, ideas and coming up with possible solutions when needed.
  • Collaborating with suppliers and product designers.
  • Collaborating and providing details to the contractors in charge of electrical installation.
  • Ensuring that the design complies with the regulations of the building.
    Supervising the subcontractors and spearheading the project.

What is the need for a Lighting Designer?

As an amateur in the interior design and architecture field, it can become quite challenging for the common people to recognise the placement of lighting in their own house or building, which is why many houses and buildings fall flat even with effective interior design. Lighting is one such aspect that can bring out the ambience that your space needs. It makes space look more welcoming and productive. A lighting designer specifically focuses on the following.

  • The hues of light required to enhance the space
  • The type of light required i.e., fixtures
  • The way in which the lighting will be distributed
  • The amount of glare required.
  • The kind of lighting required, i.e. artificial and natural lights
  • Controlling pollution emitted by the lighting
  • The efficient use of energy while lighting

With a skilled lighting designer, an individual can completely transform both the interiors and exteriors of a building. He can bring about an atmospheric and dramatic feel in a room or space while making it super comfortable for its occupants and users.

Let us go through the works of some of the best lighting designers of India to understand the importance of the design of lighting and lighting designers. We will start with Resaiki Interiors’s Kuntal Vyas Aggarwal.

Kuntal Vyas Aggarwal

Interior designer Kuntal Vyas Aggarwal has created her own identity in the realm of interior designing with her painstaking efforts to bring about a change in making spaces more eco-friendly, sustainable and appealing. This vibrant designer has a degree in electronics engineering from Nagpur University and is a certified lighting designer from Milan NABA. Moreover, she also pursued Computation in Parametric design to bridge the gap between technology and design and deliver top-notch and distinctive projects to her clients. Additionally, being a certified Access Bar Consciousness Practitioner she has given an edge over understanding human requirements. Her grounded spiritual knowledge facilitates her understanding of the demands of her clients with a more profound perspective, thereby furnishing the human spaces with the best of designs.

While talking about the works of Kuntal, she has worked on the showroom and office designs of the Benelli, Samsung, GIZ, Amway, Rakesh Groups, Vividh Wires, Colorcon, Bharat Electronics, etc.. The modern lighting design of this commercial space is spectacular from every aspect and creates an impression of elegance and simplicity.

Akshardham: Ligman Lighting

The Akshardham Temple’s lighting design continues to have a lasting impression on the minds of its visitors. The lighting design project of this temple was undertaken by a USA-based firm- Ligman Lighting who did a splendid job to bring out the essence of spirituality, beauty, grandeur and bliss through their distinctive design concept. The magnificent lighting of the colossal temple continues to attract devotees and revelers from far and wide which leave them in awe every time.

The Taj Mahal Palace: Corbett Collins

The magnificent Taj Mahal Palace opened its gates to travelers in 1903. This splendid age-old palace cum hotel evokes a sense of nostalgia for the rich cultural heritage of the country without sacrificing typical modern facilities present in contemporary times. The entire design of the building was spearheaded by Archetype, India who did marvellous work in strategically designing and developing this strikingly beautiful Palace in one of Mumbai’s prime locations while overlooking the magnificent Gateway of India. The majestic lighting design of the entire palace was taken up by the world-renowned designer Corbett Collins of Singapore. His spectacular lighting design has continued to inspire and influence old and upcoming architectural lighting designers across the globe.

Casino Pride Ship: AHL Lighting

In 2011, the owner of Casino Pride Ship came up with a distinct idea in mind. They wanted to construct two waterproof screens on the two sides of the cruise that would showcase advertisements to lure in customers without killing the views for those already seated inside. To execute this idea, they hired one of the leading lighting designing companies AHL Lighting. Within a few years, they designed colossal mesh screens for the two sides of the cruise which were not only visible from the land but were also visible for those inside the ship. This grand lighting design has stood strong over the years without requiring any maintenance or repair and has helped the business to earn more revenue.

Wrapping up

Lighting has continued to remain a crucial aspect of architectural and Interior design. It enhances the interiors and exteriors spaces in myriad ways. If you are looking to hire a skilled and experienced interior and lighting designer, you can definitely choose Resaiki Interiors which has a proven experience in this realm for more than ten years now.