Luxury Comes With a Price Tag

The lifestyle aspirations are becoming high and the earning capacity of the people are increasing matching these growing aspirations.

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The brand value, the genre and the d’cor of the products in the home add premium to the home. The growing global opportunities facilitate the people to be updated with the global availability and so the products are becoming better in quality and more in price. The concept of leading a simple life is getting fading out. Bobby Mukherji while commenting about the consuming behavior expressed that the consumers are having the mantra of spending more to achieve a luxury space. They have seen people spending considerable amount on certain elements concerning the interior space and they are driven by those observations.



Some people are spending more to achieve the look and feel of the luxurious interior space and most of them do it to achieve a status symbol. Of course it becomes necessary to spend more for quality or longevity of the product. Most of the people use spaces with simple design and give more importance to ergonomics of their living space. Luxury comes with the Price tag, so an expensive investment done earlier can still have its value today.