Trends in home automation and smart technology

Led by a hungry market, smart homes and the technology operating them are rapidly evolving. A few decades ago, who would have imagined voice-controlled lighting or your favourite music playing underwater in the pool! According to leading researchers, the home automation market is going to experience consistent growth in the years to come. As the latest technologies in this sector start digging deep into artificial intelligence, we can certainly expect innovations that radically alter the way we lead our everyday lives.
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What is Home Automation?

Let’s have a look at the recent trends in home automation and smart technology.

Cross-platform synchronicity

Thanks to machine learning, smart homes are truly on the path to human-like smartness. Many experts agree that the term ‘smart homes’ is used out of context and might exaggerate the technology. Sure, devices connected to the internet can be controlled from your phone or i-pad, but is that really being smart? To be fair, a better term to use here would be ‘connected homes’.

However, we are indeed on the way to living in truly ‘smart’ homes. The devices in the development currently would deploy complex algorithms that support machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing to make decisions based on human-like thinking. Although many devices already employ these technologies to adapt their settings according to the pattern depicted by humans using them, the next decade is set to show us more evolution in their cognitive abilities.

Well, the remote control might not sound like a cutting-edge device. Who would prefer hard buttons to touch screens anyway? However, some argue that these old-fashioned devices can actually be quite helpful over touchscreens; for instance, when the lights are dim and you need to control your audio-visual devices. Some companies are making programmable remotes that you can customise to suit your requirements. This comes in handy at times because everyone differs in their preferences for say, where the volume buttons are located.Well, now you do not have to worry because they can be changed at will.

Combo sensors

If you get frustrated with the constant effort to adjust your posture for maximum comfort, there is good news! Brands have come up with smart furniture that quickly adjusts itself, so you don’t have to. Many brands have gone a step further and launched smart wardrobes that instinctively arrange your clothes according to your preference. With the concept of adaptive furniture, the comfort of homes will reach a new level!

Looking at the trends currently insight, it is evident that our homes are only going to get more adaptive and better with time. Breakthrough innovations in nanotechnology and satellite communication are bound to expand our horizons to heights never imagined before!

Needless to say, you will want to have the first-hand experience of these developments in automation and technology. And for that, you will require some professional help. Resaiki Interiors can bring this evolution to your homes. With a decade of experience backing, it effortlessly blends comfort with the technology you desire!