How To Decorate And Protect Your Interiors On Holi

Holi is a vibrant and colorful festival. Bring color and liveliness in your home by decorating your interiors appropriate to the festive mood of Holi. Here are some ideas and suggestions by Resaiki Interiors

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Here are some ideas and suggestions:

Bedeck strings of beads and flowers along the curtain sides to uplift the interior beauty even more 8.Decorate with Vibrant festoons , pops of color with traditional and modern designs, 9.Make stunning wall hangings with fabric patch work, multicolor motifs, crafted paper patterns, hand painted tapestry which gives gorgeous look of your interiors

There are also some safety tips to safeguard your interiors from the color stains of Holi.

The color stains in the Linens and cotton fabrics by using lime juice or curd or potassium permanganate. The bed sheets and curtains stains can be removed by just washing with soap and water. Many spots and stain removing products are available in the market. But be careful to check before using it as it may sometimes bring permanent stains.