Home Designed With Love For Elders

The home should be the treasure chest of living. Truly said, home is our abode of happiness where we live with our family, life-partner or sometimes alone. It should be perfectly made and maintained so that we derive utmost comfort from it. Out of all the age groups, a home should be made with love and care for the elderly.

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Here are some ideas to redefine their interior.

2.) Damage control- Uneven flooring has many problems attached to it. Tripping on it one might injure themselves badly. Re-floor the house again to avoid potential hazards. Similarly, re-floor the bathroom as well if the current one is highly slippery.

4.) Kitchen- When designing the kitchen think of what’s needed on a regular basis and prioritize the positioning of these items. Anything used daily should be within close proximity.

6.) Lightning- This is perhaps one of the most important aspects, not to be forgotten while designing home for elderly. There should be ample lighting so that they can see everything conveniently. However it should not be too bright which might hurt their eyes. Overall, seniors need more light to make their homes functional. The home should be well-lit along the walls, ceilings, hallways and stairs ensuring unobstructed views and optimal safety. Various contemporary and traditional lamps, lanterns and chandeliers are available in the market which adds luxury to your home.


<p style=”\\&quot;text-align:” justify;\\”=””>7.) Convenience- Try and place light switches in the bedroom at two places. One above their bed and one near the door, so that even if they get up in the middle of the night they don’t have to walk around in darkness with probability of getting hurt. These are some ideas you can use to redefine the interior of your elders. Get in touch with Interior designers in Delhi, so that they can take over the task to recreate the heavenly abode with their brilliant skills.