Interior Design-Decoration Tips for 2bhk Flats

A 2bhk flat can prove to be not only luxurious, but at the same time, its aesthetic values can also be escalated to greater heights.

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There is hardly anyone on earth that is devoid of the desire to have a sweet home with a combination of aesthetics and luxury. However, not all possess enough vision to make a perfect home even after paying sufficient amounts. A 2bhk flat can prove to be not only luxurious, but at the same time, its aesthetic values can also be escalated to greater heights. Sometimes, slights changes or improvements in the interior design & decoration can bring about great changes. Though interior design & decoration is not an easy task, a great difference can be brought about by keeping a few tips in mind while planning the interior design and decoration:

Paint Color: Be it walls, floors, ceilings, windows, doors, furniture, carpets, curtains, or any other components of the room or house; all need to be in harmony as far as the color is concerned. So, while designing the interior, it is essential to choose the perfect color combinations for walls, floors, and ceilings etc. Likewise, the colors of the home decors need to be chosen so as to sync with colors of the interior design.

Meticulous Use of Decorative Mirrors: The mirrors can render instant light to your living space, and if arranged in a meticulous manner; they can prove to be great elegance enhancers.

Create a Perfect Combination: Everything including the patterns & texture of the room, pieces of home decors, antique & new pieces, cheap and expensive articles, and the hanging items etc should be in a perfect combination.

Coverings and Curtains: Changing the furniture covers and the curtains etc can bring about great changes in looks and the appropriate colors can further enhance the aesthetics to higher level.

Use the Available Items: it is not essential to purchase the new and expensive items for decoration. Using dexterously the available articles can wonder in creating an opulent look, and simultaneously, the cost factors do not seem overburdening.

Weather Conditions: Also, it is important to keep the weather conditions while planning for both interior design and decoration. Going green, painting the bookcases, use of the rugs, hanging pot holders, and wicker baskets etc can play a vital role. In case of confusion, it is advisable to access the interior design & decoration experts. The experts are never far away, and if spending a little after the experts can escalate the luxury of living and aesthetics of the 2bhk flat; there is no reason why one should feel any reluctance in getting the expert services.

Cost Parameters: Every home owner has a different set of requirements. It is very essential for a client to know its requirement and budget. The budget varies as per the requirement, quality and finishes, and ofcourse on the quantity of items that need to be considered. In Delhi NCR, where almost all the flats have Flooring, Bathrooms and Semi Modular Kitchen which is already done by the builder, a customer can save a significant amount of money if he/she is fine with the quality of items provided by the builder. Considering the mid-segment which 2BHK falls under, a general ballpark figure of the cost of Interiors for an apartment of 900 sqft in Delhi NCR, it would start from INR 1500/- per sqft which include the following items like False Ceiling, Electrical, Paint, Bed, Wardrobes, other Furniture items, Furnishing, Decoration etc. The cost goes upto INR 7000/- to 8000/- sqft also in case of more specific and bespoke solutions.