Decorate your Bed Room Window with These Novel Ideas by Interior Designers

The window of your bedroom can be into a turned into beautiful and enhancing feature of the décor and ambiance.

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The window of your bedroom can be into a turned into beautiful and enhancing feature of the décor and ambiance. Along with providing light and air, the window decoration and the positioning of the bed and other furniture accessories can make the space your personal haven after a long day. You may try some of these bedroom windows design ideas described below by acclaimed interior designers.

Sheer-Opaque Drapery In case you have single large window dominating one wall of the bedroom, try the dual draping technique. Put a sheer and transparent drape along with a gorgeous opaque one on the window. Thus, you can let light or air in at any time; otherwise, use the heavy, opaque drape for a classy, private interior. Silk Draperies Silk enhances the decor of the entire room – the light and elegant fabric can be used as drapery for your bedroom window for that shimmery, elegant look. Try silk bedcover fabrics to match with the window drapes to create a rich, romantic ambiance in your bedroom.

Silk drapes can be used in plain, pleated style or with embellishments like beads or crystals for a rich, classy looking bedroom window. Multi-layered Window Decoration To create a beautiful display of your bedroom window, multi-layered draperies are a great decorative idea. For example, a scalloped valance with the bottom drapery being see-through to let light and air in. The next layer may be of rich, contrast-colored fabric with bold prints for a rich, plush look. The last layer can match with the valance fabric to create a complementary, symmetrical ambiance in the bedroom.

Resaiki Interiors gives you a bold Display of Colors As with nature, display of bold colors in the bedroom always brightens up the entire space. So, create your own blend of riotous colors by opting for different styles of window upholstery and adding colorful pillows, rugs and bedcovers for an off-beat, chic décor. Thus, with a little innovation and application, your bedroom window can be transformed into a beautiful focal point of decoration with the practical application of letting in light and air.