Make your home summer ready!

Summer-not only is the time to pack away your winter clothes and whip out your shorts and sandals, but it’s a perfect time to take a look at the interior design of your home and redecorate!

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Make your home summer ready!

Just like in fashion, there are seasons in interior design. We change everything according to the season from food to clothing so why not home color. There are some colors that look soothing and have calming effect in summer season. Look for color schemes that makes you feel like you’re by the seashore. Introduced more whites, greens and blues. Green color gives a very fresh feel to a room while white is the classic cool color. Those who love the beach can opt for different shades of blue.

Declutter – Accent pillows and throw blankets feel super cozy during the winter, but during the summer you don’t need a pile of them! Store extra pillows away until the fall. Don’t fill up your space to the brim with knick knacks and décor items. Go for a minimal look.

Accessorize with fresh flower and floral desings – Nothing says summer quite like florals. Update curtains, bedsheets or cushion covers with floral prints. Choose a floral canvas with plenty of texture to instantly add dimension to a room. Vibrant colors, a mix of patterns and flowers everywhere make any living room “cheerful, bright and playful. Adding fresh seasonal flowers is an easy and inexpensive way to bring summer vibes to your home.

Extend your living space outdoors – Do you have a balcony or a favorite spot in the garden? Its time to give your outdoor nook a mini makeover. Invest on some outdoor furnitures, add new planters. Add a swing to your balcony or porch. Hang birdcage and paper lanterns.

Dress up your windows – Nothing makes your space feel bigger than letting natural light in. But when the sun’s harsh glare becomes too much to bear, it doesn’t hurt having at least a little coverage over your windows. Because dark colors absorb more heat than others, it makes sense to choose curtains in softer hues during the summer. Feel the breeze and maximize natural light by opting for sheer white curtains. These give enough privacy while still allowing light and air to circulate around your space. If you want to block the sunlight, use rollerblinds instead of heavy blackout curtains.

More nature inside – Place planters around the house. Cacti and succulents are fast becoming the favourite indoor plant of the interiors world right now. They are easy to maintain and they will instantly turn a wintery scheme into a summer sanctuary. Blossoming plants in living room or a colorful bunch of flowers in a glass or neutral colored vase makes a perfect summer décor

Décor theme – Go for coastal or bohemian theme when decorating your home for summer. Summer is all about beach, fun, and outdoor enjoyment. Even if you live far from seaside, there is no rule saying that you cannot decorate with coastal theme. Add some beach-inspired wall decors such as ropes, fishing nets and seashells. Bohemian  decorating is for those who want their homes full of life, culture, and interesting items. The key to achieve a Boho room is to mix and match.