Décor for Summer Season

In summer season every person wants the cool ambience and after making certain changes in your house you can achieve it. Resaiki Interiors Delhi NCR top 10 ranking firm has some tips to share

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If you have a garden then you can create little shady space with day/bed to enjoy the nature even in summers. Decor for summer season is highly required because everyone wants light atmosphere and way to cool off. This seasonal d’cor helps in embracing all the advantages a season offers. These decorating tips are helpful in changing your house completely in every season and festivals. You should use sunny and light colors on the walls in the summer season. Not only walls, pillows and bed sheets are also supposed to look cool so that you feel warm in the hot weather.



You can decorate your room with leaf throw rug in different cool yellow and green shades. Flowers can also make you feel amazing and cool in the summer season. Summer nights are quite cool instead of sunny days so you should arrange an outdoor dining setup for your family members and friends to enjoy the pleasure of dining in cold breeze and warm weather.