Unique Diwali Gifting Ideas

The festival of lights, Diwali is upon us. It’s the time of the year where family and friends head back home and spread joy and happiness around them. And what spreads more joy than a well thought out Diwali present!! This year lets think out of the box and not just give out the typical mithais, fruit baskets, store bought ready made Diwali hampers, chocolates, clothes, and jewelry.

resaiki lotus panache featured

Unique Knick knacks – There are thousands of unique decor pieces which we never thought of gifting during Diwali. Funky wine stoppers and openers, quirky jars, beautiful bird cages, colorful lanterns and candle holders to name a few. You can gift this things together with your regular sweets (I know Diwali will feel incomplete without the sweets). Table and floor lamps-Diwali is the festival of lights so why not gift a lighting piece which you can use all year round unlike other diwali lightings. These are easy to install and can easily be moved around the house.

Essential oils and aroma diffusers – There’s nothing more inviting and charming then a house which smells great!! I specially love the scent of lavender and jasmine. Essential oils, scented candles and aroma lamp are also an interesting choices to gift this festive season.

Books/Kindle – This is for your booklover friends. You can never go wrong with the gift of the written word. So why not just gift a Kindle, which will bring them the joys of hundreds of books!

All things personalized- The best gifts are those small luxuries which we don’t buy it for ourselves. Just consider how a person will feel If you gift them something which is personalized just for them. They will feel so special and will never forget this small gesture. You can personalize anything nowadays thanks to on-line shops and end number of local gift shops. Diaries, coasters, a phone or a laptop case, fridge magnets, key chains, T shirts are few examples of things which you can personalize.

Bed and cushion covers – I personally feel that bed covers and cushion covers are great gifts not only for Diwali but for any occasion. Cushion covers are a great way to accessories any bed or sofa. It adds layers and texture to a room as well as makes a place homier and lived in. If you decide to gift bed covers then opt for elegant prints, embroidered, rich in colour and texture which gives for special occasion kind of quality to it.

Sweets – Yes!! I said sweets. Earlier I wrote lets think outside the box and not go on the regular gifting path. So instead of regular mithais, you can choose from cupcakes, scones, doughnuts, shortcakes macaroons, cakes etc. As I mentioned before, Diwali will be incomplete without the sweets.

Tea set with assortment of teas – Tea is an integral part of Indian society. Every household has at least one avid tea drinker. That’s why gifting a tea set is a great idea. Add an assortment of teas and go for hand painted or unusual shaped tea cups to make visually more appealing.

Vases and urns – Designer earthen pots can be use as show-pieces, as flower pots, as flower vases, or just as simple knick-knack containers. They give a visual impact in a space and fill up a lonely corner where no furniture can be placed. Choose unique designs and bold colors to give your friends and family’s home some colour, weight and balance.