Difference Between Interior Designer and Interior Decorator

Very often Interior decorators and Interior Designer terms are used interchangeably. However, both are quite different from each other. Both Interior Designer and Interior Decorator both work to decorate the space.

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They do not only decorating but also furnishing, styling or adorning a living space. They also create plans and designs that includes lighting, planning room layouts, bath and kitchen designs. On the other hand, an interior decorator decorates the space and rarely includes the construction in his projects. The decorators are hired by builder, home owners or residential architects to assist in creating an attractive look or feel in the living space. Whereas the interior designers work together with architects and design the entire interior space from the construction of the walls to the type of flooring material to be used.


The interior designer usually involves in the project from the initial stage and works with the architect. He creates the functional interior space according to the inhabitants who use the space. He considers lighting, sound and other aspects and expertise in structural and building codes considerations. And so the designers are expected to have training and a license to carry out their design projects. A decorator does not need any type of training to have the interior decorator title.